Our philosophy

5 fundamentals principles of a Dashmaker

Innovation mind

Each Dashmaker always does better what he does well. Work is always performed with an innovative mind. We go beyond our limits to transform extraordinary the way to live of everyone.

Mind of sharing

What makes the particularity of a Dashmaker is his enthusiasm to share his achievements, his victories, his success. For us there is no individual victory, winning is always collective. Alone you go faster, but together we go further.

Audacity mind

A Dashmaker is the one who takes initiatives and leads to term.

Solidarity mind

It's nice to live at Dashmake than elsewhere. We are a united and strong family.

Esprit de persévérance

Success is the daughter of perseverance. Despite the daily defiances, challenges on different projects, the Dashmaker continues to advance by putting concrete actions every day.

What you should know about Dashmake

The large "D", symbol to sum Dashmake. Dashmake or the lines factory. We create lines, imaginary lines that connect us with our users. Whenever a user is using one of our products, it creates an imaginary link between the user, the product and us. We communicate our vision to the user through our product. And each user using our products adopt our slogan which would be to create a world where every citizen will have a new idea every day to create around him the happiness he aspires.

Our slogan "Have a new idea every day" is justified by the desire of creators to create within the global community action to think every day about new solutions that would help all humanity to grow better. This slogan is primarily a feature of the company because our products reflect the advanced degree of reflections of our teams to create day by day more innovative, more durable and more simple solutions.

Meaning of Dashmake's color

The black color : Symbol of simplicity, elegance and rigor (we find innovative, simple and durable solutions to the needs of our users).

The white color : Symbol of freshness (we incarnate all that is new) and wealth (our solutions enrich users; They are satisfied).

Our annual theme

Think great, aim away.

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