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Confidentiality Clauses

We remain true to our values including that of digital ethics. We wish beyond all that your personal information and data are protected. This is why we would like to explain to our visitors how Dashmake ensures the confidentiality of personal information entrusted to it and how our company preserves the rights of personality.

We respect your privacy and we are committed to preserving it. So we offer this declaration on data protection in order to inform you in detail about our policies and methods of data protection. In addition, we explain how you can influence the capture and reuse of personal data.

The website is the property of the Company Dashmake, company based in Lome, Togo.

1. Data automatically collected

We automatically register the domain and IP address of each visitor. This information can not identify you personally; they can only identify the computer where access was made. This data is used to locate where in the world are performed access and determine how visitors move on the site. The goal is to improve our online offering. We do not put any of these data automatically recorded in connection with the personal information of users.

2. Information on the traffic data and cookies

Your browser provides information on how to delete or avoid cookies. However, it may happen that by blocking a cookie, the functionality of a Web page to be compromised or even - according to the browser settings you have chosen - that access to the page is blocked. We distinguish between 'session cookies', which are erased when you exit your browser and permanent cookies', which remain long on your computer.

By accessing this site, you consent to the use of cookies for the purposes listed above.

You will find additional information about cookies in:
This site uses cookies:

  • which are absolutely necessary for navigation on this page and to use its special properties, including access to protected areas. Without these cookies, some of the desired services can not be offered.
  • used to improve the performance of this website, by collecting information on its users (eg. to perfect the look and ease of use of visitors).
  • that help improve the functionality of the site and adapt it to your individual requirements by storing your settings (eg. your place, the police and the writing desired size, etc.) in a specific directory for more ease of use.

The information collected with these cookies are not used to personally identify you or to send you unwanted advertising or to identify the web pages you have visited. You confirm having read explicitly on this aspect of data security that we apply and declare your agreement to the use of cookies for the purposes detailed above.

3. Capture and date reuse

If you see the data through our site, it may be that we need some information about you. If you contact us by email or order new information or free, we need your email address, your name, and possibly a phone number. The data are processed to make you enjoy the services desired in the desired form.

We do not pass your data outside the company without your consent Dashmake. Such transfers, as well as all other data exchanges are executed safely and under our permanent control. If you enter personal data during a service and click the "Submit" button, it means that you accept the transfer. If we wish to use your personal data for other purposes, it goes without saying that we will ask your prior authorization. You can also pay in advance the authorization for data entry. To do this, simply check the box.

4. Data saving

The data are kept for a maximum period of two years after your subscription expires order to ensure optimum service during this period. After this time, the data is "anonymized" and are therefore not comparable to your person. Besides the data mentioned here, we will not seize any information about you.

5. Access to personal data

For questions about your personal data, you can send an email on our contact page.

Once you become identified (e), we will send you, within 40 days, a copy of your personal data stored with us. You have the right to challenge the data saved and, if necessary, to make them clear, correct or complete. By providing relevant reasons, we can hide certain users saved data about you. You can also appeal the decision.

6. Publication and available choices

You may at any time terminate the services.

Each time we publish data for purposes other than those mentioned above, you have the opportunity, before publication, or not, to give your consent.

7. Security

In accordance with Togolese law on data protection, we have established policies, rules and technical measures for the protection of personal data that we store. These measures are designed to prevent unauthorized access and possible publication, modification, cancellation or wrongful loss by mistake.
However, for the moment, we do not offer visitors to our website a secure cryptographic access to the transmission of personal data.

8. hyperlinks

Dashmake website may contain references (hyperlinks) to other websites. Clicking on one of these links, a new window opens. By providing these links, we would only draw attention to the likely content interesting websites of our other products.

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