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Soft Class

Department bringing together experts in application development (mobile and desktop) who are responsible for the design and administration of our innovative applications.

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Webdev Class

The teams of this department are composed of webmasters and web developers who will take charge of creating and hosting websites, web applications and all aspects of web technology.

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Doc-Network Class

This department is specialized in network administration and maintenance. It brings together systems and network engineers who handle network architectures design.

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3D Class

This is the department bringing together graphic designers, animators, designers, programmers and other skills involving in the design of video games, animations (short films or feature films) and advertisements in 2D or 3D.

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External Class

This department is responsible for external relationships (the company's relationships with customers and partners, communication about the business and the organization of internal communication, negotiation and conclusion of agreements with customers and partners) and it has within a marketing cell and a legal cell.

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